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Bienvenidos a la mejor solución of storage in cache del mundo.

Taghos develops solutions that improve the web browsing experience of users exploring not only quality and acceleration but also network management and security.

TS - Bienvenido Peru 01

Started its activities in 2004 aiming to capture the local market. Succeeded and nowadays serves all of 27 Brazilian states and a market share of around 15% on that country. There are more than 600 Internet Service Providers (ISP) who chose Hyper to optimize their networks. And about 3 million Brazilians impacted with a faster and more stable internet.

Ideal for Internet Service Providers (WISP/ISPs) and Telecom Operators, what the software really does is staying between the server and the internet user where he will identify, store and deliver the most accessed content with much more speed and quality. And thus guaranteeing bandwidth savings for providers and an internet up to 25 times faster to end users.

With over a thousand active units, Hyper from Taghos already won other countries besides Brazil and recently became operative in Peru.

It is reference in the professional cache market by owning the platform development itself and know the profile of the Brazilian Brownsing. All clients are monitored by a Central and assisted by a team of 24x7x365 support.

Fábio Damasio, Sales and New Business Director says that many large companies and providers are seeking in Hyper a solution for the increasing traffic on their networks and points out that:

“Naturally, these companies will face (if not already face) delivery challenges of bandwidth required to meet the demand for online content and a quality viewing experience. Often being forced to invest heavily in maintaining their network infrastructure. Our products are designed to help them reduce the impact of traffic on their networks, improve the quality of their services and prepare their environments for the online future. ”

Taghos is headquartered in Porto Alegre (RS), has business office in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), both in Brazil. And has channel partners in Latin America, Africa and North America.

By the end of 2014, the company aims to get in four more countries.