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Bandwidth savings
With bandwidth savings, network operating conditions improve significantly, freeing traffic to deal with other applications and services such as email, VoIP and others.
Lower volume of data
Lower volume of data to manage reduces the need for investment in infrastructure and increases the longevity of the existing network.
Retain your customers
Did you know that 60% of consumers are willing to pay more for a faster internet? Retain your customers.
More speed
The content is always delivered with more speed, even for ISPs who already have PTT or capillarity in their outputs.

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Hyper implantação


Installed easily and securely in your network structure between the Internet (edge router) and your customers.
Hyper armazenamento


Stores the contents most viewed on your network, allowing them to be shared by many users, reducing the bandwidth consumption.
Hyper velocidade


Identifies the relevance of content storing automatically and delivering it 25x faster to the subscriber.
Hyper grafico


Already activated, your Hyper is assisted by a Central and will feature a support manager 24 hours.


11 Countries
9999 Cities
1200 Customers
7 Final users

FEATURESMeet all our platform features

  • Acceleration content

    Acceleration content

      Hyper identifies the relevance of content and stores it automatically   Cache full: Hyper will deliver cached content with maximum speed.   Marking packages or partial full Cache: Allows you to mark packets with TOS and DSCP individual   You can apply restrictions in specific content or different levels of acceleration
  • Fully Transparent Cache

    Fully Transparent Cache

    Hyper preserves the logic application end-to-end, ensuring full functionality in areas such as user location and specific content for mobile devices.   Allows full compliance with copyright law.   Does not introduce security breach points on Carriers Network   It is invisible to both the content creator as for the end user so he really can not track or identify that there is a cache on the net.
  • Legal Cache

  • Security


    Unable to connect to the cache from outside the network, so its impossible to use it for malicious purposes, such as use an anonymous proxy or phishing ISP network.   This means that even if a user attempts to run a sniffer on the network, it can not verify that the doors of the caching solution are open.
  • Multiple output routers

    Multiple output routers

    You can set multiple output routers, common scenario when dealing with ISPs with multiple links and different operators. You can redirect Gate 80s traffic from several routers to the cache, without any change in the network.
  • Live Streaming

    Live Streaming

    Hyper caches Live Streaming content to meet mainly to the enormous demand for video content and the storage of information.
  • Multi Service Approach

    Multi Service Approach

    Hyper brings a multi-service approach that supports highly dynamic content, which focuses on popular objects and services.   Our software is designed to be extensible to new formats and services as they emerge which offers a maximum value that is sustained over time.   Another difference is that it is based on Hyper object, it does not depend URLs and therefore requires no adjustments or changes in response to dynamic URL schemes.
  • Real-Time Reporting

    Real-Time Reporting

    It offers extremely easy management of web access, responsive and in real time.   Through the web interface you can:
    • Setting and changing IPs, ROUTES, SNMP, WCCP;
    • Make exclusions cache content;
    • Switching on and off the caching system;
    • Or make the shutdown of the server remotely.
      In addition to monitoring the cached objects, you can access the management savings reports (Momentary / Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Annual), access your clients, use disk, memory, processor speed and much more.
  • Monitoring Center

    Monitoring Center

    All Hypers installed around the world are connected to a Central, where we have control of everything that happens with that server. The solution works for you.   Taghos monitors trends and monitor such changes and updates the platform when needed automatically without you noticing or having to take decisions.
  • Cache Protocols

    Cache Protocols

    Hyper operates efficiently where most other systems fail: dynamic content and unweb content that is trafficked via http.  
    • Adaptive Bit Rate Video Streaming(ABR), Microsoft Silverlight, Google Play, Telecine Play, Itunes, Muu, Netflix;
    • HTTP Protocol for updates solutions: Microsoft Windows updates, Antivírus, Adobe Acrobat updates, Apple updates (Mac OS, iTunes, Safari);
    • Caching APPs for iPhone and Android – Ringtones and games;
    • Android and gaming updates, Javascripts;
    • Only solution to cache Live Streaming content- Cache for Web Services: Google Maps, Google Earth;
    • P2P: BitTorrent; (Check on versions);
    • YouTube videos (Proxy/squid solutions can not do it)
      Today Netflix represents more than 30% of web traffic at peak times. Source: CCG Consulting (USA)
  • Scalability


    Excellent performance regardless of the number of users (without limitation)   Sharing objects between the cluster nodes   You can use a version that enables deployment at specific points on your network for traffic optimization.   Small and large operations   Without any announcement peer / seed / SUPERSEED on P2P network
  • Automatic Updates

    Automatic Updates

    Hyper is automatically updated without interfering with the operation of the solution, while maintaining network performance with the latest news.

Why Hyper?Comparing Transparent Caching solutions, find out what our differences are.

Hyper implantação

Legal cache

Hyper does not keep logs containing user access information or encrypted content cache in accordance with the law.
Hyper atualizações automáticas

Automatic Updates

Hyper is updated automatically, without interfering its operation.
Hyper support

Professional Support

Direct contact with our certified team: Mikrotik, IOS (Cisco), Juniper.
Hyper ao vivo

Live Streamingo

Hyper caches live content, bringing huge differential to your network structure.