We will help you to take the right decision. Our reports are built to show you the numbers, through the right angle.


Relevant data in your hands:

Latency and TTFB (time to first byte)

Average load time

User experience speed

… and much more.

No one knows these variables as Taghos does… Check it out!.

Business areas where these reports worth the money invested:

Nothing is more essential than understanding your costumers through the data you have access by our reports.

You choose how you want your reports:

pre-made templates – with reports suggestion that should be controlled

Custom – you decide what information you want to access.

How customer’s data can turn into valuable information?

We can show you the region (city) with higher / lower delivery speed

You will discover the region (city) that consumes more resources

Knowing well the interaction of each person with your website, mobile app or web system, you can better understand each segment and direct marketing actions to improve results according to the business goal: sell more to the customer base, improve hearing, reduce churn rate, convert more applications, enhance customer life cycle (lifetime value), among other objectives.

To take a competitive advantage, it is necessary to know the profile of each customer and thus communicate with intelligent and personalized messages. With this type of segmentation, the result is engagement and loyalty.