Speed ​​matters. Microseconds matter.

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Why Singular? Because we are closer to your customers. Simple like that.

  • Reduces and standardizes the load time of your website absurdly accelerates infrastructure with high traffic access.
  • In Brazil, no other CDN has our performance, whether national or multinational CDN. We are not afraid to say it 🙂
  • You will know the region (city) with higher / lower delivery speed.
  • You will know the region (city) that consumes more resources.
  • Our focus is not on ENTERTAIN, but to show you relevant information from your online operation.
  • You pay only for what you get and the system is available full time.

Let’s talk, What is a CDN?

FeaturesCool things we can do for your business

EAD and Live Events

More quality in the transmission of video lessons (EAD), lectures, downloads, streaming audio and video, software and other HTTP content formats (static and dynamic).

Media Acceleration

Aceleração web e aplicativos móveis, sites de e-commerce, APIs e arquivos de streaming e download, áudio, vídeo, software e outros formatos de conteúdo em HTTP.

Full control over your operation

All data centers with the latest technology and SSD based, help you quickly assess the status of your service regionally.


Tracks the most visited and most popular pages, stores or preloads information anticipating the upcoming visits to these pages.


Guard logs / user access records in accordance with the Civil Marco.

Website Optimization

If it is digital it is measurable. If it’s measurable is optimizable. Clearly a faster site means a better user experience and better positioning in search engines (SEO).

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We can help you deliver your content Our CDN brings your content to your customers so that they can load your pages faster.

A quick site multiplies the opportunities to turn their visits into sales and improve visitor engagement.
By distributing intelligently your content in strategically placed servers (rather than having all the content on a single point) you reduce the chances of your site down.
If it is digital it is measurable.
If it’s measurable is optimizable. Clearly faster access to your site means a better user experience.
Search engines use hundreds of factors to determine the relevance of your site. What few know is that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo consider essential in positioning analysis.

Full SupportSupport has to be good, no excuses, no justification.

24 × 7 Support

This is not just rely on the latest technology in servers at your disposal, but also to receive support when you need.

Central Technical Alerts

Network infrastructure management with operators, monitoring every detail using the CDN.

Control of Attendances

Attendances filed; Instant access to our Operations Center.